Public RelationsStrategic CounselPublic Affairs

Government Relations – From Anchorage to Washington, D.C., we’ve worked
with public officials and agencies of all sizes and persuasions. We know how to
thoughtfully blend strategy and messaging to help clients shape favorable public
policy at local, state and national levels of government.

Community Relations – We identify and engage strategies to help clients enhance
their local presence and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. 

Coalition Building / Management – We’re experts at creating and effectively
managing coalitions that represent a broad range of stakeholders who share
a common interest in a specific issue or cause. In an environment where elected
officials and the general public look suspiciously upon “special interest groups,”
EBG ensures its client coalitions are transparent and generate positive results.

Grassroots Advocacy – We excel at creating grassroots advocacy
programs – comprised of natural stakeholders (e.g. customers, vendors,
employees) – that provide a powerful voice in the public arena that speaks for
the “silent majority.” We indentify and coordinate grassroots advocates to help
raise awareness and support for clients’ policy goals.